Simplicity Makes a Return

The latest Armani watches for men take a subtle approach for ultimate style. This year’s most in-demand watches are elegant and minimalist in design.

An Armani watch is an investment in your personal look and brand. By choosing sleek minimalist options such as the classic Armani Chronograph watch or the Retro Slim watch with its leather band and rose gold face, you are purchasing a style that will be a valued part of your wardrobe for years to come.

Jacob Time offers luxury watches at prices you can afford. Come look at our selection of men’s watches from Armani, Fossil and other luxury brands.

Emporio Armani Chronograph Emporio Armani Retro Slim

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New in the World of Watches

Luxury timepieces such as Movado watches and Marc Jacobs watches make a statement thanks to their stylish appearance and high-quality construction. When considering the worth of a watch; however, learning what else a watch can do besides look stylish and tell time is of interest.

New watch design: Hidden pill compartment watch
Although the outside appearance of the watch gives the impression that it is not any different than other watches, a simple twist of the watch’s face reveals a hidden compartment in which medication can be stored.

The concept of the watch design was created by Jingyu Lee and was meant to look like a regular everyday watch with a practical purpose. In addition to having a compartment for medication, the pill watch also measures a wearer’s heart rate and pulse.

The pill watch is just one example of the innovation in watch design that is becoming popular on today’s market. Watches are now created to serve a greater purpose than just telling time and looking good, and the pill watch is a great example of such a watch.

Unique & Luxury Watches - Jacob Time

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Blast to the Past – 1970 Style Watches

If you love vintage style, why not embrace a watch that was popular in the 1960s or 1970s? some classic brands that were the height of fashion in these decades are still available for the vintage lover today.

Watches became a statement piece in this decade, and the media, with movies like Breakfast at Tiffanies made some names the talk of the fashion community. After that movie, stylish people had to be seen with a Rolex watch, and the name remains one of the industry’s finest today. Tag Heuer watches became well-known in Hollywood as the watch of choice for some of the industry’s leading directors.

This was an era when new names also entered the scene. Armani watches were established in the 1970s, and Movado watches also grew in popularity during this decade.

Today many watch manufacturers embrace these vintage styles. Jacob Time will help you find a vintage style watch at a great price.

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Sharp Watches for Business Professionals

Business professionals often choose a Tag Heuer watch to make a bold statement with a sharp look. These sleek watches keep you on time throughout your busy day.

The Carrera Automatic Chronograph Men’s Watch is one of the most popular Tag Heuer watches for men. Classy and refined, this classic time piece looks great with a suit or casual business wear.

Armani watches are also ideal for the businessman, with the Emporio Armani Chronograph offering a sleek black face accented with silver.

Other popular professional watches include the sleek Omega Speedmaster Men’s Automatic Watch. The silver dial with brushed polished steel case and bracelet keeps time well while presenting an elegant look. For men who prefer the look and feel of a leather band, Baume & Mercier Classima is a great fit.

No matter what your timepiece needs, Jacob Time will meet them with classic, professional watches for men.

Tag Heuer Carrera Automatic Chronograph Mens Watch CAR2012.BA0799 Emporio Armani Chronograph Mens Watch AR0389 OMEGA SPEEDMASTER MENS AUTOMATIC WATCH 3211.30 Baume & Mercier Classima Mens Watch A10037

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You’d Be Surprised to Know What Your Watch Says About You

Jacob Time - Brand Name Watches

Have you ever thought about what your watch says about you? For instance, if you are in the habit of wearing Swatch Watches, you are telling the world that you are trendy and a real hipster.

Maybe you prefer the classic look of a Timex watch. Then you are showing that you are easy to please and love to save money. A Raymon Weil watch tells others that you want to invest but find the price of a quality Movado or Armani watches to be intimidating. Tag Heuer and Marc Jacobs watches tell the world you love classic elegance and aren’t afraid of an investment or commitment.

If you’re wearing Citizen Watches, that is exactly what your watch says about you. If the Casio G-Shock or Pathfinder is on your wrist, you’re telling the world that you love the outdoors.

No matter what statement you want to make, Jacob Time will help you find the right watch to take it at a discounted price.


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Elegant Watches for the Modern Business Woman

A watch can make a huge statement for the modern business woman. If you are in the market for a new watch and want one that will complement your existing professional wardrobe, consider Michael Kors watches or Movado watches. Both provide elegance and distinction the modern professional wants.

Consider the Michael Kors Brookton Gold Tone watch for ladies. This classic look in delicate gold is beautifully simple and sharp. It will add a touch of class to your wrist and is perfect for the office and for a night out. For a more modern take on the classic gold watch, the Movado Bold Diamond Gold Ion Ladies Watch works well with its delicate diamonds lining a numberless face. The Michael Kors MK3191 watch is another excellent choice, and at an affordable price.

Jacob Time has Movado and Michael Kors watches on sale. Start shopping today to save!
Jacob Time Michael Kors Brookton Gold-Tone Ladies Watch MK5762  Jacob Time Movado Bold Diamond Gold Ion Ladies Watch 3600150Michael Kors Watch MK3191

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Slim and Slender Watch Bands

movado womenThick bands on Michael Kors women’s watches make a fashion statement. However, some women prefer five Jacob Time thin and slender watch bands that accent delicate wrists.calvin klein women

Fossil Georgia Stainless Steel: A solid metal band dresses up casual wear and accompanies formal attire.

Fossil Heather Mini Stainless Steel: Slender links in women’s Fossil watches stretch and bend to fit any sized wrist.

Movado Bela Diamond: A single stainless steel band exemplifies the quality workmanship of attractive Movado watches.

Calvin Klein CK Suspension Gold IP: One thin gold band elegantly accents the watch’s minimalistic face.

Calvin Klein CK Sing: A silver, slender band offers simple and beautiful style.

Women appreciate quality jewelry, including watches with thin and slender bands. Jacobs Time offers five unique selections that accent rather than overpower delicate wrists.

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Diesel’s Little Daddy Collection

Diesel’s Little Daddy watches do more than tell time. As a contemporary to Movado watches for men, these timepieces redefine design and turn heads.

The innovative design of Diesel watches starts with its unique face. Four prominent screws stand out and provide visual appeal. Likewise, two different time trackers pop off the watch’s face and ensure the wearer is always on time.

Attractive features include a stainless steel case that is sturdy and fashionable. Plus, the leather strap provides maximum comfort during daily use.

In addition to the Movado men’s watches in your current collection, we encourage you to add a timepiece from the Diesel Little Daddy Collection. Wear it proudly tostand out in a crowd and tell time every day.

diesel watches

diesel watch

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A Peek Inside Designer Watches

armani watchguess watch

Normally, the inner workings of designer Armani watches are seen only by professional watchmakers or certified repair fossil watchtechnicians. However, it’s now your turn to see these details thanks to skeleton cased watches.

Each intricate timepiece features an open face design. Observe the synchronized mechanization at work as you see the time and date each day. Additionally, skeleton Fossil watches and Swatch watches require no batteries, and they need no special maintenance. These features make them a valuable part of your no-nonsense wardrobe.

Skeleton Guess watches serve as important conversation pieces. Show them off to everyone wherever you go. Wear skeleton watches with pride as you admire their quality workmanship and share them with others.

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Going Bold with Movado Watches

movado watches

If quality workmanship, minimalist design and modern appearances define your personal style, you deserve matching accessories. Movado watches offer a number of features that perfectly fit your personal preferences and complement your wardrobe every day.

Each Movado Bold watch features chronographs with dials for a simple and functional yet dramatic face. Plus, the solid titanium construction, bright metallic sheen and single color options create a uniform appearance and draw your eye.

We know you could select a variety of luxury watches to wear, including Tag Heuer watches. Consider the Movado Bold collection, however, when you want fine jewelry that matches your appreciation for minimalism, quality and style.

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