Jacob Time July 4th Sale Going on Now!

Shop this week’s July 4th Flash Sale!  Hurry, offers ends on 7/6!  Click on the image below to browse our discounted watches.

Jacob Time Independence Day Sale 2014

Like the watch pictured below? Click on it for more info!

Jacob Time Watches - DKNY Lexington White Leather Chronograph Ladies Watch NY2148

DKNY Lexington White Leather Chronograph Ladies Watch NY2148

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Get What You Really Wanted for Father’s Day!

“Another tie, it’s just what I wanted!” -no man ever.

To all you dads out there who got yet another tie this Father’s Day, we feel you. We know you were secretly hoping for something more along the lines of a car, house or even a new watch!

Well we’ve got some great news for you. We’re having a post Father’s Day sale just for you! The car and house are slightly less realistic, but these watches are probably better than that tie you got.

Mulco BLUEMARINE Chronograph Unisex Watch MW3-70601-075

Mulco Bluemarine Chronograph Watch MW3-70601-075

Mulco POST MWATCH 3D COLLECTION Chronograph Unisex Watch MW3-10302-033

Mulco 3D Collection Chronograph Watch MW3-10302-033

Mulco BLUEMARINE Chronograph Unisex Watch MW3-70603-088

Mulco Bluemarine Chronograph Watch MW3-70603-088

Mulco BLUEMARINE Chronograph Unisex Watch MW3-70603-099

Mulco Bluemarine Chronograph Watch MW3-70603-099

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Happy Not-A-Father’s Day!

Happy Not-A-Father's Day from Jacob Time

Glad you’re not a dad? You deserve your own special day! We’re celebrating with an awesome sale just for you guys who don’t care for ties.

Check out these awesome eye catching Mulco watches below. (Psst..they’re all 50% off!)

Mulco BLUEMARINE Chronograph Unisex Watch MW3-70603-021

Mulco Bluemarine Chorongraph Mens Watch MW3-70603-021

Mulco FERRO Chronograph Mens Watch MW4-90147-331

Mulco Reffo Chronograph Mens Watch MW4-90147-331

Mulco ILUSION CERAMIC Chronograph Unisex Watch MW3-11009-044

Mulco Ilusion Ceramic Watch MW3-11009-044

Like them? Click on the image to view the price!


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Diesel – Some of the Coolest Watches in Town

Think about it—how often do you notice someone who is wearing an especially nice watch? A good watch is one of the best investments you can make. Not only is it useful as a timepiece, but it is an accessory that brings a touch of class to anything you wear. Additionally, if you choose a high-end watch and take care of it, it can be a great investment. That is one reason you may want to look at brands like Diesel or Marc Jacobs for your next watch. If you’re in the market for a new watch and want something impressive AND cool, perhaps one of these awesome Diesel watches suits you.

1. Diesel Blackout – This supersized watch definitely has a cool design, but at the same time oozes modern sophistication. The leather strap and stainless steel case assure the watch is built to last, while the black dial stands out in a crowd of standard white dial watches. Plus, like most Diesel watches, you get high-end features at an affordable price.

2. Diesel Little Daddy Chronograph – Who says a chronograph watch has to be boring? This is one of the most unique chronograph watches on the market today. Reviewers rave about its sharp aesthetic! The grey stainless steel dial is unlike anything else out there and with genuine quartz movement, it is as functional as it is fun to look at.

3. Diesel Mr. Daddy Triple Time Zone – The guy on the go may be living in one time zone, working in another and keeping track of business matters in a third—this watch is perfect for the traveling businessman, or any frequent flyer as a matter of fact. Whether you’re traveling to a business meeting next or going on a vacation with your family, you can be sure you’ll look good while you’re there.

Diesel Blackout Oversized Chronograph Mens Watch DZ7193

1. Diesel Blackout Oversized Chronograph Mens Watch DZ7193

Diesel Little Daddy Chronograph Leather Mens Watch DZ7256

2. Diesel Little Daddy Chronograph Leather Mens Watch DZ7256

Diesel Mr Daddy Triple Time Zone Mens Watch DZ7261

3. Diesel Mr Daddy Triple Time Zone Mens Watch DZ7261

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Earliest Watch Known to Man

Since the advent of moving clockwork, discerning individuals have sought out beautiful form to match practical function.

The oldest known watch dates back nearly 500 years. The spherical watch is dated 1530 and decorated with elaborately detailed gold gilt. The watch was engraved on the bottom by its maker with a mark that translates “Philip Melanchthon, to God alone the glory, 1530.” Experts believe that the watch was created in Nuremberg, the place where spherical watches were invented. These watches are known as Nuremberg Eggs.

earliest watch known to man

Source: Jewelry Warehouse Blog

It was commissioned for influential educator and reformer Philipp Melanchthon. Melachthon was famous for his hospitality and his attention to family. One guest is said to have shared a story of coming into Melanchthon’s study to see him holding a book in one hand and rocking the cradle of his child with the other.

While Melanchthon was not known for a love of money or possessions, it’s likely that, as one of the great minds of the Reformation, he appreciated the precision and workmanship of a good watch. This timepiece was designed to sit on a table or desk where the owner could have it nearby. The perforated design allowed Melanchthon to view the time without opening the watch. A single winding would run the watch for 12 to 16 hours; the watch showed time to the nearest half hour, which was impressively precise for the technology of the time.

The appeal of a beautiful precision watch is timeless. And, modern times allow us to enjoy a wider variety of elegant timepieces than ever. Jacobtime.com gives you access to options that include Movado watches, Rado watches, Marc Jacobs watches and many other top tier brands.

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Colorful Summer Watch Trends

Gracing runways and fashion magazine covers this spring and summer, are men and women decked out in multicolored ensembles. However, these colorful outfits are only part of the trend towards wearing bold, bright colors. In fact, wearing boldly colored jewelry, or more specifically colorful watches (such as swatch watches), complete a colorful outfit, perfecting the look. Watch company Swatch currently offers an astonishing amount of bold colored watches as part of their watch collections.

Swatch Colorful Watches - Summer 2014

(Source: f_erlozano on Instagram)

How is color incorporated into wardrobes this summer?
Designers are presenting a wide range of ways to wear color this summer. Some looks pair bland colors with boldly colored jewelry and bright watches such as such as those found on our site. However, some designers are opting to pair bold colored tops with bold colored pants and add in a brightly colored timepieces and jewelry to boot. Regardless of how color is implemented into a wardrobe, be it drastic or minimal, the simple fact that bold color rules summer fashion is impossible to ignore.

When purchasing clothing for your summer wardrobe, don’t forget colorful accessories such as watches, colored in hot pink, pastel blue, bright orange and a plethora of other colors. Adding a pop of color to your ensemble will improve even a super simple look, making it perfect for the bright summer ahead!

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Mother’s Day – The Gift of Everlasting Time

Jacob Time - Ladies Brand Name Watches

Your mother’s love never ends, and neither should her watch. So, give her the gift of everlasting time this Mother’s Day. Whether you select from available Marc Jacobs watches or Armani watches, a new timepiece shows your mother how much you love her on May 11.

In addition to their superior craftsmanship, the watch selection at Jacob Time is known for its timeless beauty. Select from already discounted luxury brand watches or take advantage of a special flash sale they have currently running through May 3 on numerous brands, including Michael Kors watches. You can also check out Jacob Time’s Mother’s Day Sale going on for a limited time. Browse through a plethora of watches discounted at up to 90% off!

Your mother anticipates spending time with you. Share some of your time with her when you give her a beautiful watch on Mother’s Day.

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Swatch is for Summer

Need a sporty watch to complement your summer look? Swatch watches are the perfect timepieces for the upcoming season.

A Swatch watch is a durable accessory with a fun and casual look. The lightweight straps take sweat and moisture far better than leather-banded watches. Plus, manmade materials that are 100% vegan.

These watches come in a wide range of colors to go with every outfit. Pick bright hues to complement summer sundresses, white watches to go with sporty outfits or darker colors to add a bit of fun to a dress or blue jeans at night.

Jacob Time offers Swatch watches for women in colors to match every mood. Pick the watches that project your personal style.

Swatch Est. 1983 30th Anniversary Unisex Watch

(Source: Swatch)

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Simplicity Makes a Return

The latest Armani watches for men take a subtle approach for ultimate style. This year’s most in-demand watches are elegant and minimalist in design.

An Armani watch is an investment in your personal look and brand. By choosing sleek minimalist options such as the classic Armani Chronograph watch or the Retro Slim watch with its leather band and rose gold face, you are purchasing a style that will be a valued part of your wardrobe for years to come.

Jacob Time offers luxury watches at prices you can afford. Come look at our selection of men’s watches from Armani, Fossil and other luxury brands.

Emporio Armani Chronograph Emporio Armani Retro Slim

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New in the World of Watches

Luxury timepieces such as Movado watches and Marc Jacobs watches make a statement thanks to their stylish appearance and high-quality construction. When considering the worth of a watch; however, learning what else a watch can do besides look stylish and tell time is of interest.

New watch design: Hidden pill compartment watch
Although the outside appearance of the watch gives the impression that it is not any different than other watches, a simple twist of the watch’s face reveals a hidden compartment in which medication can be stored.

The concept of the watch design was created by Jingyu Lee and was meant to look like a regular everyday watch with a practical purpose. In addition to having a compartment for medication, the pill watch also measures a wearer’s heart rate and pulse.

The pill watch is just one example of the innovation in watch design that is becoming popular on today’s market. Watches are now created to serve a greater purpose than just telling time and looking good, and the pill watch is a great example of such a watch.

Unique & Luxury Watches - Jacob Time

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