Must-Have Fossil Watches

If you are still looking for gifts for friends and family, or trying to figure out what else you might want to receive this holiday season, Jacob Time has selected a few of our favorite Fossil ladies’ watches and men’s watches. These watches offer excellent styling at great prices. The details and variety of styles available at Fossil are just a few of the reasons we love this watch line.

The Fossil watches we have selected include two classically styled silver watches that look great dressed up or down and can be used every day. The second pair of watches fit perfectly into popular trends in watch design now. The rose gold accents in both watches are superbly done and the gray silicone to contrast it in the ladies’ watch is a stunning look.

Fossil Riley Chrome Ceramic Ladies Watch  Fossil Grant Ceramic Mens Watch

Fossil Dylan Smoke Ion Ladies Watch Fossil Ansel Automatic Leather Mens Watch

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Armani Watches Wish List

Whether you are looking fora  gift to give or adding something to your wish-list, Armani watches for women should be on everyone’s list this season!

One of our newest additions to our online collection at are the Armani Classic Chiara watches for ladies. These stunning pieces come in a few different styles, but they all feature a striking shape with a wonderfully curved and sculpted case that is connected to a much slimmer band, creating a great contrast between the two parts of this piece.

Another favorite for this season is the Classic Leather ladies watch, which features a traditional design and leather wrist band. The faces of these pieces are simple and the case is proportional to the strap. This piece is available in a few different colors and is currently on sale!


Armani Watches Armani Ladies WatchesArmani WatchesArmani Womens Watches

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Cyber Monday Sales

One of the busiest shopping days is here and Jacob Time has a huge collection of luxury watches at great prices, including Tissot watches and more! This is the perfect time to stock up on holiday presents or to find the perfect accessories for your holiday outfits and styles!

If you are looking for classic and elegant styles or modern and athletic watches for both men and women, Tissot watches have some amazing selections that are up to 50% off through today. Here are a few of our favorite pieces on sale now:

Tissot Watches T-Lord Tissot Watches T-Navigator

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Our Black Friday Sale is Here! is now the place to find even bigger savings on tons of great watch brands, including Raymond Weil watches, Citizen Watches and more! Black Friday is always a good time to stock up on items such as Raymond Weil watches because the 50 to 70 percent off big ticket items means big ticket savings! Here is a quick round up of some of our favorite watches with huge discounts his week.


2846-STC-00659 4878-STC-00200 5399-ST-00608 5971-ST-00995

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Georgia on My Wrist

One of the newest additions to our collection of ladies Fossil watches is the Fossil Georgia line. The most outstanding part of these classic watches is the case size to band size ratio. The super slender band creates a great contrast to the large hardware and case that gives the watch a pronounced style while maintaining a distinctly feminine feel. At Jacob Time, these watches come in black leather, rose gold, magenta leather, silver, gold and more so finding the perfect one for your style will be no problem! They look great with any outfit and can be worn as jewelry accessory or functional wrist watch.

Ladies Fossil Watch Georgia Fossil Watch Georgia Fossil Watch Black Fossil Georgia Watch

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Colorful Choices for Fall

As the weather continues to grow colder and the scenery outside begins to look a little more bleak, it is easy to fall into the trap of matching your outfits to the conditions outside. Blacks and grays are popular color choices for the fall and winter, and while they may look great as part of your outfit, do not forget to add a splash of color and style to brighten up the wintery skies and scenery outside!

Swatch watches are one of our favorite choices for extra color any time of the year. Their fun and unique designs are perfect for everyday wear and there are models that will fit perfectly in any situation. Jacob Time features a large collection of these watches and to make finding some of our favorites easier, we have linked them below!


Swatch Watches Swatch watches Swatch Watches




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Michael Kors Watches Ad on Instagram

Michael Kors watches are a staple in the fashion industry and their presence on social medial network, Instagram, is an accurate representation of the brand’s popularity. With over 1.3 million followers on their Instagram account, this fashion brand has an active fan base and products that show up amazingly well on a photo-centric platform like Instagram.

Instagram at large though, was shaken on the morning of November 1st when Michael Kors launched the social media site’s first-ever advertisement or “sponsored post.” The promotion featured a stunning gold Michael Kors ladies watch, which are ever-popular on Jacob Time, set on a table and surrounded by plates of delicious looking pastries and other items. While the post itself was exactly the kind of eye-catching and stylish visual material you expect to see on Instagram, the post has received hundreds and hundreds of comments that are very negative.

This negative stems not from animosity against the brand, but the fact that Instagram now has ads. Despite this negativity, the ad currently has 229,000 “likes” and 1,750 comments. Those numbers mean that this particular post created a ton of engagement for Michael Kors and the press and buzz surrounding it mean even more branding potential; especially if you follow the adage of “any press is good press.”


What do you think of Michael Kors being the first to advertise on this platform?

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Nocturnal Watches for Halloween

Happy early Halloween from Jacob Time! While orange is traditionally the color of this haunted holiday, we really like the look of some of our all-black timepieces and think they fit the bill! From Armani watches to Citizen watches, keep your wristwatch mysterious and nocturnal this Halloween season!

Armani Watches  Armani watches, especially this one featuring a rubber band material, are sleek and stylish in all black with lots of great modern accents.











Citizen WatchesThis piece by Citizen watches combines the traditional style of this brand with an all-black look that can be worn for almost any occasion.










TW Steel Watches TW Steel brings their larger-than-life styling to this collection and painted it black. The huge roman numerals, over-sized face and large dials on the side of the case make it an imposing timepiece.










TW Steel WatchesTW Steel made the list one last time with this rounded, commando-looking case and leather strap.

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Fashionable Armani Watches for Fall

Fall is a great time for men to show off their favorite suits, pants and blazers. While the summer months somewhat limit the number of materials you can wear with suits and other dress clothes, the fall and winter introduce various new fabrics such as thicker wools, tweeds and even flannels. While we will leave it up to you as to when the appropriate times and occasions are for these materials, we do have some advice for how to accessorize your suits. All of these different fabrics can lend themselves to being paired with brown shoes and therefore, brown watches. Creating fashionable looks with blue, charcoal, gray or tan-colored suites is ideal this time of year and all of those colors will look great with the right pair of brown shoes.

At Jacob Time, we love pairing a classic brown leather-strapped watch with these fall looks. Emporio Armani watches make great selections and here are three of our favorite that will look great in a casual fall suit or in a fashion-forward and professional suit.

Armani Watches Armani Watches Armani Watches

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Raymond Weil watches for Women

One of our favorite men’s watches available at Jacob Time is the Raymond Weil Maestro Moon Phase watch. The exquisite design of this piece takes a traditional and classic style and gives it a refined style that is hard to find anywhere else.

One of the newest additions to our selection of Raymond Weil watches is the Maestro Automatic Ladies watch. This piece features much of the same great styling you will find in the men’s versions including a stainless steel case and leather strap, and the addition of a few new details such as mother of pearl dials. This piece is available in three colors and is the perfect match for any outfit!

Raymond Weil Watches Raymond Weil Watches Raymond Weil Watches

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