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Tissot Watches For The Sporting Life

For a lot of guys, life would be pretty boring without the surge of adrenaline that comes from athletic competition. Life would also be boring for a lot of guys without outstanding watches. Luckily, Tissot watches have come up with a few models that are perfect for the sporting life. The Tissot T-Race T-Sport Mens […]

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Deep Sea Timing

Summer vacation season is fast approaching. Maybe not quite as quickly as we all would hope, but never the less, it will be here and a lot of excellent vacation ideas involve water. Whether you plan on swimming in a pool, white water rafting, or scuba diving somewhere in the ocean, you will need a […]

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Enjoy Waterproof Swatch Watches While Watching the Fireworks

Watching the fireworks is a national pasttime come the Fourth of July. You can view them from the television, the yard, the pool, the beach, or a boat on the water. It’s more interesting when you’re outside and closer to the action– you get a much better view from the outside. But, if you plan […]

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