Watch Trends to Look out for in 2015

JACOBTIMEWTACHESIf you want to know which watch brands are trending in 2015, you need look no further than the trend setters of the world. Sports figures, movie stars and musicians often dictate the most popular watch brands to be seen on wrists the world over. Here’s a look at what’s set to be on trend this year.



Rory McIlroy, champion golfer, endorses the Omega watches, for good reason. Omega’s chronograph watches are masculine high-profile heirloom watches that state success to the world. Rory sports the men’s Omega Seamaster watch, which you can find at Use the blowout sale code to get up to $50 off your cost, plus free 2-day shipping.

Tag Heuer

The lovely Cameron Diaz makes Tag Heuer watches look even more elegant when she’s wearing one on her tanned, toned wrist. You can get your own luxury Tag Heuer watch to wear this year and for many years to come. These timeless works of art will make you look and feel like a movie star, too.

Quartz Watches

Watches with quartz movement are definitely on trend for the coming year. Quartz watches are convenient because they run off a battery. However, they use very little energy from the battery, and the wearer can easily anticipate a year’s worth of energy from one battery change. In addition, quartz watches require no winding, and no solar recharging as some other watches do. The owner can store a quartz watch in a bureau drawer for weeks on end and the time will be just as accurate as the day it was placed there.

Discover what watch is right for you. Shop now at

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Things to Consider When Shopping For Quality Watches Online


A watch is a personal accessory that deserves careful consideration before making a final purchase decision. It’s both a functional item as well as a fashionable piece of jewelry, both uses should be considered before making a purchase. Here are some things to consider when shopping for a quality watch.

Material & Weight

The watch should feel good on your wrist. What materials do you prefer? Perhaps a soft leather or a thin chain? Some people prefer a watch that they can almost forget they’re wearing due to its lightness. Others prefer a watch that feels substantial and heavy.

Look and Image

Some watches have a low profile, with minimal features. If you dislike jewelry that draws attention, you might choose a modest looking watch such as the Movado line of mens’ watches. If on the other hand, you want a watch that proclaims a bold statement, you might like to select a daring nontraditional watch such as the Marc by Marc Jacobs Jimmy watch. These watches can almost act as a statement piece on their own – or a aesthetic jewelry accessory piece.

Name and Reputation

Name brand matters when it comes to quality watches. Choose a brand that you recognize, and that has a long-standing reputation for quality and craftsmanship. The quality of the insides of the watch, including the face, the movement and any mechanical gears, all depend on how much care the manufacturer took to ensure reliability of function, dependability and durability. When you opt for a name brand watches — Jacob Time is the place to shop to ensure authenticity.

Shop today at


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Free Overnight Shipping – Get Your Gift In Time for the Holidays

12-18-freeovernight (1)

Left your gift shopping to the last minute? Not to worry, we’re here to help! Jacob Time is now offering free overnight shipping on orders over $250 in the U.S. so you can get your designer watches for that special someone in time! Shop our extensive gift selection on



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Get Your Gift in Time for Christmas with Free Expedited Shipping


Ah, that time of year again. Shopping lists, gift wrapping, ribbons, bows, cards! It’s an exciting time of year but can be also become overwhelming trying to find the perfect gift for all your loved ones. At Jacob Time we have a wide selection of gift options to please even the most particular family members.

Shop our expansive collection of designer timepieces including Movado watches, Armani watches, Citizen and so much more. There’s also jewelry for those that love a little sparkle, as well as gifts for the home.

Oh, and we’re throwing in free expedited shipping for items $250+ so you can get your gifts in time! Shop online at today.

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New JacobTime Site Goes Live

To all our loyal JacobTime shoppers, we’re so excited to announce the launch of our new, redesigned website at The site went live this week and we’re thrilled at the positive response we’ve received so far. Shoppers are loving the new design and easy, streamlined shopping experience it offers. The new site has all the old features that JacobTime shoppers have grown to love and trust, as well as some added features to make the shopping experience as pleasant as possible.

Here are some of those features:

  • Free Shipping
  • Same Day Shipping
  • BuySAFE Shopping Experience
  • Hassle Free Return Policy
  • Quality Repair Service
  • Special Weekly Offers
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Extensive Inventory
  • Live Chat
  • Authenticity Guarantee
  • Large images
  • Top Rated Online Seller (thousands of positive reviews online)
  • Security Enabled Payment
    (Amex, Visa, Paypal, Discover, Mastecard, WorldPlay)

Check out the new site today at Happy shopping!

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Citizen Eco-Drive Watches

Fun Fact: Citizen Eco-Drive Watches come with a simple, yet revolutionary technology. By harnessing the power of light from any natural or artificial source and converting it into energy, these designer watches never need a battery.

Shop Citizen Eco-Drive watches available at JacobTime now with major discounts. Class, sophistication, fashion, convenience.



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Black & Gold, Gold & Black

Black and gold hues make for a stunning stand-alone piece and their versatility and ability to match most outfits make them perfect for every season. Here’s a taste of some of the designer watches you can get at JacobTime.

GUESS Gold-Tone Chronograph Mens Watch. Now $109.00

GUESS Gold-Tone Chronograph Mens Watch. Now $109.00


Movado Bold Ceramic Black and Rose Gold-Tone Ladies Watch. Now $539.00

Movado Bold Ceramic Black and Rose Gold-Tone Ladies Watch. Now $539.00

Citizen Eco-Drive Endeavor Chronograph Mens Watch. Now $225.00

Citizen Eco-Drive Endeavor Chronograph Mens Watch. Now $225.00

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Fashion Forward Fall Styles

New York Fashion Week recently ended and watching the street style around the shows we got a taste of the popular looks this fall and a sneak peek at the trends coming up for Spring 2015.

The classic bold colors; black, gold and white proved a hit on the runway and among the attendees. Pastels and nature-inspired hues like green, floral and beige were also spotted throughout the week.

Browse our fall inspired Seiko watches, Gucci watches and more at Jacob Time.



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New Jacobtime Milestone: Over 1000 Positive Reviews Online

Fall Sale

Dear readers,

As you probably know, we take our customers seriously at Jacobtime. Our goal is not only to give everyone the opportunity to buy designer watches at an affordable price, but also to make the online shopping experience an easy and positive one. So when we recently hit over 1000 positive reviews online we were thrilled that so many shoppers did indeed have that user friendly experience we work so hard to create. Thank you to all our fans who took the time to review us online, we’re thrilled you enjoyed the experience and got to satisfy your fashion fix on a budget. In our quest to further satisfy our customers, we have some exciting new changes coming to Jacobtime soon! We look forward to sharing them with you shortly, keep an eye out here.

Shop our Fall specials on Movado watches, Tag Heuer watches and more!



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Signature Movado Pieces on Sale Now

Movado means ‘movement’ or ‘always in motion’ in Esperento, and for someone who is always on the go, a Movado watch is a must. Over the years they’ve come to be known for their minimalist, yet bold designs, a signature style that has proven one of the most popular watch trends. JacobTime stocks an array of Movado’s designer watch pieces, and luckily, there’s a whole line of them on sale now. Shop them now.

Movado Museum Chronograph Rubber Mens Watch 0606545  $555

Movado Museum Chronograph Rubber Mens Watch 0606545 $555

Movado Classic Museum Mens Watch 2100005 $288

Movado Classic Museum Mens Watch 2100005 $288

Movado Temo Ladies Watch 0606065 $550

Movado Temo Ladies Watch 0606065 $550

Movado Amorosa Ladies Watch $510

Movado Amorosa Ladies Watch $510

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