Slim and Slender Watch Bands

movado womenThick bands on Michael Kors women’s watches make a fashion statement. However, some women prefer five Jacob Time thin and slender watch bands that accent delicate wrists.calvin klein women

Fossil Georgia Stainless Steel: A solid metal band dresses up casual wear and accompanies formal attire.

Fossil Heather Mini Stainless Steel: Slender links in women’s Fossil watches stretch and bend to fit any sized wrist.

Movado Bela Diamond: A single stainless steel band exemplifies the quality workmanship of attractive Movado watches.

Calvin Klein CK Suspension Gold IP: One thin gold band elegantly accents the watch’s minimalistic face.

Calvin Klein CK Sing: A silver, slender band offers simple and beautiful style.

Women appreciate quality jewelry, including watches with thin and slender bands. Jacobs Time offers five unique selections that accent rather than overpower delicate wrists.

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Diesel’s Little Daddy Collection

Diesel’s Little Daddy watches do more than tell time. As a contemporary to Movado watches for men, these timepieces redefine design and turn heads.

The innovative design of Diesel watches starts with its unique face. Four prominent screws stand out and provide visual appeal. Likewise, two different time trackers pop off the watch’s face and ensure the wearer is always on time.

Attractive features include a stainless steel case that is sturdy and fashionable. Plus, the leather strap provides maximum comfort during daily use.

In addition to the Movado men’s watches in your current collection, we encourage you to add a timepiece from the Diesel Little Daddy Collection. Wear it proudly tostand out in a crowd and tell time every day.

diesel watches

diesel watch

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A Peek Inside Designer Watches

armani watchguess watch

Normally, the inner workings of designer Armani watches are seen only by professional watchmakers or certified repair fossil watchtechnicians. However, it’s now your turn to see these details thanks to skeleton cased watches.

Each intricate timepiece features an open face design. Observe the synchronized mechanization at work as you see the time and date each day. Additionally, skeleton Fossil watches and Swatch watches require no batteries, and they need no special maintenance. These features make them a valuable part of your no-nonsense wardrobe.

Skeleton Guess watches serve as important conversation pieces. Show them off to everyone wherever you go. Wear skeleton watches with pride as you admire their quality workmanship and share them with others.

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Going Bold with Movado Watches

movado watches

If quality workmanship, minimalist design and modern appearances define your personal style, you deserve matching accessories. Movado watches offer a number of features that perfectly fit your personal preferences and complement your wardrobe every day.

Each Movado Bold watch features chronographs with dials for a simple and functional yet dramatic face. Plus, the solid titanium construction, bright metallic sheen and single color options create a uniform appearance and draw your eye.

We know you could select a variety of luxury watches to wear, including Tag Heuer watches. Consider the Movado Bold collection, however, when you want fine jewelry that matches your appreciation for minimalism, quality and style.

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The History of Chronograph Watches

The term chronograph comes from the greek works for “time” (chronos) and “writing” (graph). The chronograph itself was invented in 1816 by Louis Moinet as a way to make astronomical calculations. It soon caught on for use in aviation, the military, car racing and submarine diving. While the early watches or pocket watches were simple and required winding, TAG Heuer eventually invented a self-winding chronograph and the company was also the first to create a chronograph watch model with a rotating bezel tachymeter. This allowed for more complex calculations. Today, many luxury watch companies make a timepiece with chronograph function including Citizen watches, Tissot watches and others. While many people wear these watches for their unique style, the chronograph function can still be useful in a number of fields.

citizen watchestag heuer watchestissot watches

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Citizen Watches and Eco-Drive Technology

Citizen watches are elegant and attractive timepieces in their own right. However, there is something that sets many Citizen watches apart from other luxury watch brands: Eco-drive Technology. Eco-drive Technology is a special type of solar power that Citizen uses to power many of their most popular timepieces. This allows these extraordinary watches to run continuously–without the use of batteries or winding. Unlike many typical solar powered products, Eco-drive watches can run when powered with any type of light, including both natural and artificial. This means your Citizen watch will be ready to go when you are–not put aside in a drawer because the battery ran out.

citizen watchescitizen watchluxury watchescitizen watches

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Feel the Rush with Gold on Your Wrist

There is something special about wearing gold. Be it a gold ring on your finger or a gold necklace, gold just feels luxurious. That’s why choosing a gold luxury watch only makes sense. Luckily, many of the top brands of luxury watchmakers offer gold options. For instance, Swatch, Raymond Weil, Movado, and Rado watches all have extraordinary gold timepiece options. Whether you are choosing a watch for yourself that you plan to wear for work and leisure, or you want to give a gift that will always be remembered, spend some time looking over what is available in gold watches–and get ready to feel the rush!

swatch watchesraymond weil watchesmovado watchesrado watches

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Tag Heuer Watches Signal Wealth and Power

Look through a magazine like People or Entertainment weekly and you may notice many of Hollywood’s most powerful men are wearing a luxury timepiece on their wrist–and quite a few of them choose Tag Heuer watches. From leading man Leonardo DiCaprio to Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton, leaders of all strokes don Tag Heuer. In fact, even president Barack Obama has been seen sporting one of these sophisticated, yet sporty, timepieces. For a watch that signifies wealth and power, one of the many pieces from Tag Heuer is a great choice. Look through the different models and choose one that makes you feel like you can take on the world and prepare for compliments wherever you choose to wear your new Tag Heuer luxury watch.

tag heuer watchestag heuer watchluxury watch

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Your Wrist Will Blush with Rose Gold

Are you interested in the latest fashion trends? Then you may have already turned your attention to rose gold. Rose gold jewelry of all types is in vogue these days and showing up everywhere from the runway to the red carpet! The name is a bit deceptive as the stunning blushed metal is actually an alloy, made up of 75% gold, 22.5% copper and 2.75% silver. It enjoyed a huge surge in popularity in early 19th century Russia,  earning it its former nickname, “Russian Gold”.

However, the recent resurgence in popularity of rose gold means that there are more products, including timepieces, than ever available made from this beautiful alloy. Among other luxury brands, you can enjoy Fossil watches, Michael Kors watches and Movado Bold timepieces that feature rose gold.

While rose gold is particularly fashionable these days, it also has a classic appeal. This means your investment in a fine rose gold timepiece is something that you will appreciate for years to come.

fossil watchesmichael kors watchesmovado watches

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Tissot Watches in Time for The Holidays!

Tissot watches are a great gift idea for any watch enthusiast and if they have an active lifestyle and need a watch to keep up with them, the T-Sport series from Tissot is the perfect choice. The T-Sport watches are all excellently built and designed watches that offer some great features for watch-wearers on the go. These watches are made from materials like stainless steel and often feature rubber wrist bands that make them wearable during workouts, runs or other similar activities. There is a huge variety of style to choose from, but all models look like they are ready to get going and be active!

All of watches featured in this post are also eligible for Free 2-day Shipping and ship within one business day at!


Tissot T-sport Mens Watch Tissot T-Sport PRS 200 Michael Owens 2012 Mens Watch Tissot T-Sport Titanium Rubber Mens Watch

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